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 WOW: Armored Frost Wyrm mounts are rewards from Icecrown Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Ancilorn over at the European forums has confirmed that the armored Frost Wrym mounts mined from early builds of the Patch 3.3 PTR will be rewards for achievements with wow gold in the Icecrown Citadel raid. Like past raid dungeons have awarded mounts for completing meta-achievements, such as the Ironbound Proto-Drake for Ulduar, the Frost Wyrms will be "up for grabs," for dedicated raiders. The player having enough cheap wow gold.

MMO Champion previously unearthed this armored Frost Wyrm model along with spells named Frostbrood Vanquisher and Frostbrood Vanquisher Flight, which could give some insight into some Icecrown Citadel encounters.Despite the confirmation of new reward mounts expected to grant 310% flying speed, there is currently no word on the removal of the Ulduar reward mounts, which Blizzard has said to stay for "the foreseeable future".

Patch 3.3 is the last major patch of Wrath of the Lich King. With the new Icecrown Citadel 5-man dungeons and 10/25-man raid arriving soon to buy wow gold, patch 3.3 will deal the final blow to Arthas. Our wow gold store keep you updated with all the newest patch news and you can buy wow gold in low price here.

Article source:2joygame.com

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 Secrets 2 WoW Gold - The Cheapest Gold Tricks For Power Leveling in World of Warcraft Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In level based mmorpg computer games, like wow gold, everyone wants to be at the top of the level building exercise. Its a race out there to reach the pinnacle of the game (gamers use words like ownage or pwnage to express this kind of feeling). Some gamers even buy wow gold it for "commercial" exercises such as to sell their characters to much aspiring ones for a good amount. Well whatever the case, it is safe to perceive that the ultimate kick lies in reaching the top, in a level based game like World of Warcraft or WoW (as popularly known) which is played by a massively huge number of online players. The ultimate objective, which is, to reach the level X in World Of Warcraft and the ways to pursue just that, is the basis of this article. So lets get started and let me show how this is done...

Call it the ultimate powerleveling, gold farming techniques or the ultimate worldofwarcraft gold guide or leveling guide, here are the ways to reach the WoW pinnacle:

Gamers involve a number of tactics to ward off the pressure to reach the pinnacle in World Of Warcraft. To sum them, here are the two distinct ways:

Buying World of Warcraft “Cheap Gold” online (Short term and costly)

Learning The Secrets On How To Do It In-Game (Long term and cheap, if not free)

At the end of this article, I hope you would be better poised to decide what was ultimately the better way of procuring unlimited in-game gold in Worldofwarcraft !!!

Buying World of Warcraft Cheap Gold online:

Here is a technique that was at one time the only way to go about, to stay right in the race. In the beginning, it set about everyone rushing to buy their own share of in-game WoW gold for powerleveling faster than others. Gamers used to buy these cheap gold [ hunting for these online sites that claimed to be associated with worldofwarcraft com and selling the cheapest gold out there ] to purchase in-game items and "leveling" their characters and to finally render their pwnage affect over other gamers.

However, these online cheap gold purchasing techniques which promises a world of gold for instant powerleveling by purchasing the cheapest gold for wow from them, has its own downfalls to it, as explained further on.


First of all, these so called “cheap gold” had to be purchased, any insane amount of in-game worldofwarcraft gold you want, as long as you could afford to pay for it. Every time. Need gold? Buy cheap gold here! Need more, we got more! … goes the advertisement sometimes, promising that whole world of gold. So what starts off in a one-off curiosity stint pretty soon becomes a VERY EXPENSIVE PROPOSITION. You start off with a small amount of money and as you loose gold within the game, its natural to look upon purchasing more “cheap gold” for WoW. As the measure to fill in the in-game coffers again. Its very easy for even the not-so-addictive gamers to get addicted to this and later realize that they have already lost a substantial amount of real money by following the "Buy Online Cheap Gold For WorldOfWarcraft for instant Power Leveling" procedure. Once your are addicted to it, you will realize soon that it will be ultra expensive.


Every gamer who plays a popular game like worldofwarcraft, is part of a gaming community that the game has wound around itself. You begin to instill within yourself a feeling of being a worldofwarcraft com – munity member, without having spent much time in the game. You make friends and pals and the game becomes your second life sooner than you could have imagined. Now how about being called names and being referred to as a cheater within this worldofwarcraft com – munity? No one will like that, it is hurting and embarrassing! When gamers discover the fact that you have been indulging in some cheap gold buying tactics to render your pwnage dreams, they will definitely not be impressed and will soon call you names and express their hatred by calling you a 'cheater' and declare you a GAMING SOCIAL OUTCAST. Rather, the right thing is to ask these experienced gamers for help and guidance... as I explain later in this article.


Its definitely not legit! The negative impact of buying gold, has been well explained at Blizzard's World of Warcraft Terms of Services as mentioned at worldofwarcraft com website. As far as buying gold is concerned, it is very clearly mentioned that is illegal to buy gold online and use it in-game. You can check for yourself IN the part of World Of Warcraft Terms Of Services that refers to it by directing your browser to http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/antigold.html. Essentially, this is how WoW's feels about it, “Players who buy gold are supporting spamming, botting, and keylogging – activities that diminish the gameplay experience for everyone else.” These gamers are definitely risking a ban on their account, after Blizzard having clearly mentioned their stand on it.

Learning The Secrets On How To Do It In-Game:

Blizzard came up with WoW or worldofwarcraft, to upscale the success of the warcraft franchise. WoW was born with the need of getting all the gamers who enjoyed the original warcraft series [ warcraft - reign of chaos and the frozen throne ] to come together online and engage in playing warcraft together, albeit this time as a massively multi-player online role playing game or mmorpg. The earlier warcraft, but just that this time its set within a big and scalable map for going massively multi-player, where we have all the players connected and playing together through the Internet ... thats all that WoW is!

Cheap WOW Gold became what was essentially a mmorpg, level-based game, where you “farm” / “creep” or do tasks and “shop” to empower your in-game characters with powers. These powers increase in-game parameters like strength and agility, for example, which is to say that it ultimately leads to powering-up or leveling up your character. The correct way to do it, as per the permitted gameplay and rules of the game, is to use in-game tactics and strategies to hoard or collect gold. However its easier said than done and only time and experience teaches you that. Most of the gamers, due to lack of guidance, fail to understand just how to do this right, and hence end up running wrong tactics and means and fairing poorly in the game eventually. It is essential to learn the rights ways to do it to ensure limitless supply of gold. A good way to do this is to learn from experts gamers or experienced WoW players. They have gone through all those tactics that you are busy trying and have now perfected just the right stuff necessary to ensure getting in-game gold on demand. These experienced WoW gamers are your living world of warcraft guide! Why re-invent the wheel, when your can refer to these live world of warcraft gold guides? They [ the experienced WoW gamers ] have found the ultimate and time tested ways and means to do it. A lot of these experience gamers refer to these tactics and tricks as secrets! Which most of these gamers are definitely not willing to let out. But if you hang around in the community and make some friends with these fellow experienced gamers, maybe you could learn from them eventually or pitch them the question one day as to let you in one of these closely guarded secrets, and they might probably just oblige, just for you. This could take time, sometimes long time. However there is another way around this too...

Article source:2joygame.com

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 TIPS: How to prepare newbies at the end game Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

New players of World of Warcraft players (often called "newbies") struggle on their first few weeks in the game wow gold. Some have trouble controlling theenter the game W-A-S-D movement keys while others keep dying to aggressive mobs. Most newbies also have no clue what spell rotation and talent spec to use to get cheap wow gold.
So naturally, Newbies newbies will ask for help among kind-hearted friends. If you're one of these super cool players who don't mind assisting newbies with quests and dungeon runs, you'll know that being a Good Samaritan takes time away from your own progression.

Much as you want to guide newbies 24/7, you too have your own goals in game. You might want to join the Cataclysm beta or get that Kingslayer title from killing the Lich King raid boss. There will even come a point when you ask yourself: Who will watch over my helpless charge?

The answer is jingling in your toon's pocket. Yes, a fat stack of World of Warcraft Gold can become the best friend of any newbie, upgrading their gear and skills to the hilt. Handing out with the cheap wow gold might not be as instructive as hours of co-op play, but it gets the job done in preparing all newbies for the end game.

Beginner Purchases: Leveling Gear and Pets
A newbie begins the game with the weakest weapons and armor. Starter quests can build up their collection but it will still lag behind the powerful bind-on-account heirloom items on most alts.

But with world of warcraft gold in their bank (care of you of course!), a newbie can browse through the auction house and purchase the best leveling gear available. You won't have to run them through low-level dungeons just to upgrade their equipment. Newbies can shop for rare blues and even epic purples for all slots, including those elusive rings and trinkets.

Mid-Level Purchases: Profession Mats and Flying Mounts
As your newbie levels up, it also becomes increasingly important to level up his crafting professions. Save him or her from the boredom of farming by giving enough warcraft gold to skill up in his chosen field, whether it's leatherworking or jewelcrafting.

It can get quite expensive but think of it as a form of investment. Your newbie will be able to earn his own World of Warcraft Gold at the end game when his professions unlock unique recipes that produce in-demand items. You can even depend on him to cut your epic gems, saving you from expensive tips in the long run.

When your newbie hits level 60, it's also time to purchase essential flying mounts. Be a bud and spot him enough World of Warcraft Gold to take flight in Outland and, eventually, in Northrend. Your pal will finish will finish his tasks faster and see the entire world in bird's-eye view.

End-Game Purchases: Gems, Enchants and Epic Everything
Your newbie is all grown up and has reached the end game. Be proud of him because his skills might be on par-or even better-than yours now!

But unlike veteran players, your newbie can still use some help in financing his or her end-game must-haves. These include epic gems and enchants that all raiders and PvPers can't do without. A couple of thousand cheapest world of warcraft gold should be enough to bling out his gear and earn him a seat with the max-level elite.

So you see RS Gold is great for speeding up the progress of your newbie friends. But be that absent parent who just sends buy world of warcraft gold but never shows up-hang out with your newbie once in a while and give constant advice on how he can better spend your World of Warcraft Gold presents.

Article source:2joygame.com

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 Dalaran Cooking Daily Quests Guide Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

UPDATE: Zygor, of leveling guide fame, is about to release an awesome new in-game daily quest and events guide. Check out the announcement video for all the details or see my post about it here!

If you are one of those people who thought that cooking is not for tough guys like you, you are missing out on a ton of gold. The Dalaran Cooking Dailies are your gateway to becoming a famous (and not to mention wealthy!) chef. These quests are the only way to get the highest level recipes and Northern Spices that you need to make them. And you want those recipes because some of those high level food items can really rake in the gold. As an added bonus, you also get some gold and Kirin Tor rep for completing these quests.

You will need to save up your cooking rewards to spend on the high level recipes. Some of the recipes are more *fun* than useful. Go for the useful ones that you can sell to raiders trying to eek out a few more DPS points. These people are desperate buyers! Spellpower food like Tender Shoveltusk Steak or Attack Power food like Mega Mammoth Meal are good ones. If you fish, some of the fish recipes sell very well too, like Dragonfin Filet.

You will make life easier for yourself if you keep a few stacks of Chilled Meat (from any Northrend beast) and Rhino Dogs (cooked from Rhino Meat from rhinos in Borean Tundra and recipe from any Grand Master Cooking trainer) in your bank to use for cooking dailies.

Cooking daily quests are given by Katherine Lee (Alliance) and Awilo Lon’gomba (Horde). Both are in their respective faction’s Inn. They will each give you one of five different quests:

I groan whenever I see this one pop up as the cooking daily. Its not difficult but its a real pain in the ass. Thats because there can be a lot of competition for those half full glasses on wine. Get you trigger finger ready so you beat the 6 other people camping out in the Inn for wine glass spawns. Its so competitive because, even though the quest text suggests they are all over the city, in fact there are really only four main buildings where you can get them; those are your faction’s main Inn and the Legerdemain Lounge bar (on the corner opposite the cheese shop). There are a few in the Violet Hold area (62,66) and also in the Cheese Shop itself (55,34). Check both floors for both these buildings. The cheese spawns one of the tables inside the shop on the ground floor. I have seen it on the one straight in front of you as you enter and on the one to the rightof the door. Just look for sparklies. Once done, use the item the quest giver gave you, and then take it to Ranid Glowergold in the Legendary Leathers shop in the  Magus Commerce Exchange area (37,29).

Here is where you will be happy if you followed my Chilled Meat in the bank advice. Grab two of them then head down into the sewers for the mushrooms. There are plenty of spawns, especially in the Arena area so you shouldn’t have much trouble. Combine them in the Meatloaf Pan given to you by the quest giver then turn it in to Orton Bennet in Curiosities & Moore (52, 55).

This is a nice easy cooking daily quest unless you have to go out to kill beasts for Chilled Meats. But thats what you get for not being prepared!

Convention at the Legerdemain

Another easy one if you have Chilled Meats in the bank. Grab four of them and whip up 4 tasty Northern Stews using your cooking skill. This recipe is a quest reward for the quest Northern Cooking (linked quest is from Valgarde but it is also available in Valiance Keep, Vengeance Landing and Warsong Hold). Head to the Cheese Shop (55,34) and pick up a jug of wine off the table (look for sparklies). Then just hike across the street and hand it over to to Arille Azuregaze at the Legerdemain Lounge(49,38).

This one is easy if you have Rhino Dogs or at least the meats to make them available. Otherwise its pretty annoying since you will either need to go kill rhinos or else port to an old world city and buy some on the AH. If you do need to go farm up some Rhino, try Borean Tundra around (47,40). The Wild Mustard plants grow in Dalaran in any grassy areas. Try Runeweaver Square(50,48) or around Krasus Landing(69,44) (convenient because that is where the turn in is).

Combine the items in the Picnic Basket given to you by the quest giver and hand it over to Archmage Pentarus at Krasus Landing. This is a nice Dalaran cooking daily quest to get because it gives two rewards instead of one. Its the only cooking daily quest that does this.

Once again, you will need Chilled Meats, four of them in fact (didn’t I mention you should keep chilled meats in the bank?). And you will also need to port down to Crystalsong Forest to hunt for Crystalsong Carrots. This is the only quest that requires you to leave the city so its at iny but annoying. Just use the Portal Chamber in Runeweaver square as instructed by the quest text (cause I know you all read every word of that!) to get down, then use the crystal to get back up once you have your veggies. Finding the carrots is easy enough. They are on both sides of the river at the port in spot and are usually located near a tree. They are pretty small though so keep an eye out for

Once you have all your items, combine them in the provided Stew Cookpot then head down to the sewers and give them to Ajay Green at the inn down there (36,58).

And that’s it for our guide to Dalaran Cooking Daily Quests.

If you want the easiest possible way to do your dailies and earn maximum rewards, Check out Zygor’s daily quest guide!. It includes a full in-game, step-by-step guide to earning the Crusader title in the fastest possible time.

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